Roosters and Chickens

Road Island Reds are the best chickens to have, “in my book”. I remember one day I asked Mom why is that big red Rooster standing tall and prancing all around in the chicken pen and fluffing its feathers? My Mom looked at me and smiled. She never answered my question I guess she had her reasons. I suppose some of us know what that red rooster was up to. Or maybe he was trying to tell all the rest of the chickens who was boss in the hen house. Ha. Ha.

As a young boy I also had a Bantam Rooster, they do like to fight. They also have spurs.

I learned a lot when I was a boy about chickens. What type of feed to give them, how to trim there feathers so they can’t fly out of the chicken pin, And when to water and feed them.

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2 Responses to “Roosters and Chickens”

  1. persistentillusion Says:

    What’s a ‘spur’ on a chicken?

  2. The Old Man Says:

    The old Man says A spur.They are a horny growth on the lower leg above the back toe.

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