Chicken Soup Part II

The finial ending of the story “Chicken soup” I did catch the chicken and mom said lets try this one more time, she said now hold the chicken like I told you the first time. Now swing the chicken around and when you feel the neck pop you know it’s broke. I did what she said now through it in the wash tub and put that peace of wood over it so the chicken can’t jump out this time. Mom said “good job”. its time to scald it and here is how you do that, you have boiling water in a large pot you dip the chicken in and you count to ten, and you take it out, mom said you can’t leave it in to long or you will pull the skin off with the feathers, and then, I asked why if you don’t leave it in long enough you can’t pull the feathers out she said, you pull on the feathers to see if they will come out an if they do you scalded it just right. You pull all the feathers out rinse the chicken well, and then we get the knife and cut it up. Now we are ready to cook. Put the chicken in a pot add just enough water to cover the chicken. Cook for about thirty minutes. Remove and let cool. Remove all the bones and add chicken to the broth, you add a quarter tea spoon of salt and pepper add a half stick of butter. Add half dozen eggs whipped and Half pint of sweet cream stir into stock until thicken. Boil once more. Strain stock and serve.

And this Lady’s and gentlemen is the rest of the story for chicken soup.

“Boy” that was some fine tasting soup if I say so my self”.

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3 Responses to “Chicken Soup Part II”

  1. persistentillusion Says:

    I love chicken soup!

  2. invah Says:

    Defeathering chickens sounds like an adventure!

  3. The Old Man Says:

    The old man says invah you should have been there.When your done defeathering that old chicken you have feathers every where.

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