Zeak and Zeb

My Brother will play Zeak in this story and I will play Zeb.

I’es sho don’t know about those revenuers Zeak, buts I can tell you it’s not goines to be easy, to out maneuvers them on jack rabbit mountain with a load of moonshine. We’s went down the old buck path to gets some good old moonshine we made about two weeks ago. After getting a couple of crocker bags and filling them with some of ours special brew. We had to stop back by the barn to get some straw to pack our moonshine in. Zeak had to climb up to the loaf. Zeak said ZEB ARE YOU READY? I’s ready. Zeak had one end of the rope tied to a bail of hay. Zeb had the other end. What Zeb didn’t know, that one end of the rope was wrapped around his leg and when Zeak threw that bail of straw down, the rope tighten around Zebs leg and up he went. Dangling around in the air Zeb hollered Zeak get’s me down. After getting the moonshine packed, they loaded it in there supped up ‘hot rod ford’ with “three”, two barrel carburetors, and dual exhaust. They jumped in the ford and they were off. Cruising around Jack Rabbit Mountain with duel exhaust

Running Moonshine in the old Ford!

Running Moonshine in the old Ford!

pipes a bellowing and echoing in the mountains. Zeak said what a beautiful sound that is. Zeak said Zeb watch out for the revenuers , Zeb yelled I’s watching. They were going down a steep hill they could see the valley below. Both knowing, those revenuers could be hanging out there somewhere. When they reached the valley there was this old shack along side the road, as they passed it Zeb said “up’s”. Zeak said what do you mean “up’s” he’s a coming, who’s coming the Revenuers. Zeak looked in the review mirror, three cars with blue lights on. Zeak put the peddle to the metal and when those three deuces kicked in, all you could see was a streak of light going down the road. What we going to do Zeak? We’s going to out run them Zeb. Zeak rounding the next curve and Zeak said hang on Zeb, I’s a hanging. Where’s we headed Zeak? To’s the river. Zeak made a hard right turn onto a dirt road the dust was so bad those revenuers could not see how to stay on the road. Besides those stock Chevrolets couldn’t out run a pole cat on a good day. Ha. The River is close Zeak, yea I know. As they approached the river Zeak hollered hang on. Zeb said o mercy me you’re not going to jump the river Zeak? Aha. Let me tell you when that Ford went air borne we’s were hanging on for dear life. Zeak looked over at Zeb and his face was as white as a ghost, his finger tips were white as snow from holding onto the dash. When the car landed on the other side the landing was smooth as glass. Zeb told Zeak, you did it again. They had out run the revenuers. So the Zeak and Zeb Boys had done it again. “Halleluiah”.

The old man says “Don’t try jumping the river with your car!”.

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