I told the guys lets go cruising down on the drag “o k!”, and we were off. We would start on Magnolia Street go North to 50, and then go South on Orange Avenue. When we stopped at a red light we would do the air raid thing. After you stop some one would yell “Air Raid!”. Everyone in the car would jump out run around the car, and change places! Of course back then there were not that many cars on Orange Avenue at eight o’clock at night.

The other Guys would be waving and whistling at all the Girls. Of course “I” would not think of doing such a thing! After cruising Orange Avenue a few times, it was time to cruise on over to the Colonial Plaza the Steak & Shake was close by that’s why we went over there, a lot of our friends also hang out there. Steak Burgers and Chocolate Malts were good!

Before they built Colonial Plaza T G Lee Dairy owned all the land, and it was a cow pasture. What a change that was! Ronnie’s Restaurant was located on the East end of the plaza. We often stopped there to try out some of there pickled fish. One of my friends said it was good so we bought some. On the way back to the car one day I tried a piece. I have tried a lot of different types of food before, but that was a mistake! I have never eaten pickled fish again.

After leaving Colonial Plaza we would go over to Winter Park and cruise down Park Avenue. One thing you always remember when cruising down Park Avenue, you turn down your radio! If you didn’t you would here the siren and see the blue lights! You now have a nice ticket. After cruising Park Avenue it was time to go home, but not before we cruised Orange Avenue one more time.

Now those were the GOOD TIMES in my 1955 Oldsmobile 98!

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