Tennessee Bound!

Grandma and Grandpa and two of the Grandkids (ha ha!) are driving down the highway. Traveling from Orlando, Florida to Jackson, Tennessee. The grandkids riding along in the back seat were Emily, and Amanda. Amanda asked Grandma how far it is to Jackson, Tennessee. She said “about eight hundred miles!”. I was thinking “way too far with two grandkids in the back seat!” but dared not to say any thing with grandma in the car! We left Orlando about eight o’clock am. We were traveling down interstate seventy-five when Emily asked how many hours it will take to drive to Jackson. “About fourteen hours”, and then she asked “will we get there this evening?” Grandma told her “no we will spend the night in Atlanta Georgia”.

We stopped at a McDonald’s for breakfast and that made the kids happy, besides I like McDonald’s sausage and biscuits. Cruising down the highway at seventy miles an hour we read a sign that read Farmers Market, we decided to stop and have a look., The grand kids had a good time looking at all the vegetables. Once we were back on the road again Grandma asked the kids “why don’t you Girls write a song?” they thought about it for a few minutes and said “ok if Grandma will help us!” Grandma said “ok”.

Sung to the tune of the Wabash Cannon Ball.

On a bright and sunny morning, On a trip to Tennessee, without both our parents, my brother beside me.

A trip to Tennessee, I’m wondering what I will see. From the flat lands of Florida to the rolling hills for me

There’s always a lot of traffic, but the sights are very good,  especially the wildflowers growing all along the roads.

We had to pass a bee truck we’re killing all the bees, crashing on the windshield not going with the breeze.

On a trip to Tennessee, my Granddaughters with me, I can’t help to think how lucky I must be.

There’s seldom a quiet moment, I can’t be still,  you see they make me much feel younger than my body seems to be.

We got off the highway for to stop and get some lunch.  Grandpa got some gas,  but it wasn’t from his lunch.

We went back on the highway after Grandpa got his gas. looking for The Farmers market the thing we could not pass.

When we arrived at the market, we bought some yellow squash, watermelon and peaches and they did not cost us much.

Then we left the farmers market, with our Chevy van.  As we made our way to the highway we’re on the road again.

And we reached Atlanta right before 6:30 then we stopped and rested at a Comfort Inn, Whoopee!

Written By My Very Own Grandchildren ©2008 YouHaveaMinute.com

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