Fishing with the Pros!

I remember when my cousin Bobby, James and I would go fishing. Sitting quietly in the boat my brother would be mumbling something. You could hardly here him. I would say “James what are you mumbling about”? He would look around at me with this look on his face, and say, “I am talking to the fish!” We all started laughing. I ask Jim “do you really think that’s going to help?” he replied “of coarse when you say the right words that big one will bite”!. “Ok” I looked over at Bobby he gave me the eye rolling response I knew was going to be there. We busted out laughing again! I looked back over at James he had this big grin on his face from ear to ear. Ha ha! I asked Bobby “tell me, how do you catch those big fish”? “You have to hold your mouth right!” he replied. “Here we go again”! I thought to myself. Should I ask him how he does it? Why not? I might as well hear it all at this point! Here is what Bobby said, “You have to hold the left side of your top lip up, and then you hold the right side up, then you show all your teeth! Next you move your lips back and forth, you know from side to side. Only the big fish in the water can see you and they go wild when that happens! They bite anything that moves! And that Wendell is how you catch the big ones”! They asked me how I catch the big ones. Well here is the way you catch the biggest fish ever caught. They call it the Whopper. “I like to sing songs. When I start singing some of my best songs it’s the rhythm that gets to the fish”! One time I remember when I was singing the big fish started swimming around the boat they were so excited! When I said the word “Hound dog,” that big eyed Bass grabbed the hook and it was me and the Whopper. My singing was so good he jumped in the boat! James and Bobby were laughing so hard they almost fell out of the boat.


“If you can top these stories” Leave me a comment. I will be glad to read it! “

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