Going Frolicking!

When Mom and her sisters went out on the week ends it was a site to see them get ready. I was watching them get ready one evening. Ironing there clothes, cleaning there shoes. Standing in front of the dresser primping, combing there hair over and over again, putting on powder and rouge on there face and putting there hosiery on, slipping there dancing shoes on. They would look at each other and do some more fixing with there hair, one may say to the other to much rouge hazel, she would take it off and start all over again. And then they would talk about what skirt went with what blouse, or what blouse went with what skirt boy it got confusing to me, but it was interesting!  They would be laughing and talking. The iron stayed hot pressing blouses, or skirts, until every one made that final decision.  Aunt Jewel would say change your shoes Myrl they don’t go with the dress.  “Well so much for the finial decision”! By now you would think they were ready to go, but no, the lipstick was not on! This is going to be good. They have different colors of lip stick, now decisions have to be made again. I am wondering will they ever get ready. After putting the lipstick on they would kiss pieces of paper to get the excess off, my aunt Myrl gave me a big kiss on the cheek, I would blush a little. After about two hours they were ready to go! 


Do you suppose that lady’s are still doing all those things today?

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