Barn Burning

We were all asleep one night. My brother woke us up yelling “The barn is on fire!” We looked out the window and believe me it was burning! One of the boys ran in the bedroom, and woke up his dad. While getting our clothes on my uncle hollered run down The Barns on Fire!to Mr. Bennett’s house and tell him the barn is on fire. The bad thing about it was I had my brothers pants on! It was a little hard to run while holding my pants up. Once we were at the barn, we wondered what should we do now? Ben ran to the house to get the Ford tractor and wagon. We started pulling water from the well, a bucket at a time it takes a lot of buckets of water to fill a fifty gallon barrel. There were three of us taking turns We were watching the barn burn and the flames from the fire were jumping very high. After three barrels of water, and trying to put the fire out Mr. Bennett said that’s enough water on the barn. Let’s just try and save the coal burner that heats the barn. A few of us threw water on it wile the rest went for more water. There was no way we could save the barn but we did save the coal burning stove. The last barrel of water we went for, I asked Ben to let me drive the Ford tractor. He said you are a little to short to drive the tractor. I disagreed! I told him “I can do it”! He said “ok” he was standing on the lift on the back of the tractor and we were moving right along. He told me stop at the well. I was trying! The only thing wrong with that was I could not reach the clutch with my foot! I did ok when I started the tractor and took off at the barn. Ben said “stop the tractor close to the well Wendell!” I was holding onto the steering wheel and trying to push the clutch in, but it wasn’t happening. I passed the well. I could see a pile of logs about four or five feet tall in front of me. I just could not push the clutch for enough in to stop! When the front wheels of that ford tractor started up the pile of logs, I knew I was in more trouble. I hollered “Ben, I can t stop the tractor”! I was holding on for dear life! Of coarse Ben already new this. The only thing that saved me from climbing that pile of logs was Ben he reached over and turned the key off on the Ford tractor. Boy was I a happy boy. The last thing that Ben said was “you can drive it huh!”?

Some times you think you can do almost any thing when you are a young boy. Remember this story when driving a ford, John Deer, or a Allis Chamber tractor, be careful.

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