Learn from what you say!

Things that go bump in the night. I know she will remember this story. I have always told my kids to turn on a light when walking around at night, so they don’t run into something and get hurt. Well Late one night I got up to go get a drink. I didn’t turn on any lights.  Dark HallAfter getting my drink I headed back down the hall way, suddenly I bumped into something. With arms swinging and making those loud noises you make when you are scared, I found out right away what it was! I had run into my daughter, and it scared the heck out of me! To top it off, she was screaming at the top of her lungs! I backed up but I wasn’t fast enough, she reached up and hit me a couples of times before I could tell her it was me! I raised my voice a little and asked her “why didn’t you turn on the light?”. With a squeaky voice she said “why didn’t you dad!”?

A good question she asked. The old man says some times you learn from your own mistakes.

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