Bobby and the Squirrel

We were hunting over off Jasmine Lane many years ago. My cousin Bobby had a Winchester .22 rifle and he was a pretty good shot with it. Why, he could hit a red bug sitting on a pine limb at fifty paces! Do you know how long it takes to find a squirrel in the woods? Some times you can walk a mile before eying one. If you know the tricks it doesn’t take long at all. I know. Some of you may know some of them.

Well I am going to tell you one of ours! Maybe you should go get a cup of coffee or a drink and sit back in an easy chair, and relax a bit while I tell you this story. It will only take a minute.

Winchester RiflesWhen two or three of you are walking through the woods one of you walks ahead about a hundred feet or so. The last man will have the rifle, what happens is, if there is a squirrel in the tree it will run to the other side of the tree when the first man walks past the tree. As we walked through the woods looking in every tree we passed, my brother would all of a sudden whistle. We knew that was a sign that a squirrel was sited.

Bobby drew down on the squirrel and fired! We walked over to the squirrel, he was laying on the ground. Bobby started to pick him up. I said “Bobby his eyes are closed he’s not dead”. Bobby said “[he’s dead”, my brother said “I…… don’t know”. Bobby reached down grabbed the squirrel. With no warning the squirrel’s eyes open, it bit into Bobby’s thumb! And now it’s Bobby and the squirrel! He could not get the squirrel’s mouth open. He was swinging the squirrel around trying to get the squirrel to turn loose. We got out of the way because we didn’t want any part of that squirrel. The squirrel finely turned loose. If Bobby was telling you the story today he could show you the teeth marks. And that was Sixty years ago! A long…………………… time ago.

“If,” Bobby had waited just one more minute. “There’s that word if.” We all know and love it!

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2 Responses to “Bobby and the Squirrel”

  1. persistentillusion Says:

    Did you guys eat the squirrels??

  2. The Old Man Says: says: Yes we did eat the squirrels. My Mom cooked the squirrels, and they were very good.

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