Singing to a tune of your own.

My Dad told me a story about a friend that he was working with one day. Bill (my dads friend) was standing on and extension latter about fourteen feet up the side of a house, singing a song. Their boss walks by, looks up at him and hollers “Bill? Where, is the tune to that song?” Bill thought for a moment and replied “who cares as long as you know the words to the song?” Dad and the boss started laughing.

You know what? Bill may have a point!

If you think about it for a minute, as long as Bill was happily singing to his own tune, and he was having a good day!

The old man says

If you feel like singing and don’t know the tune, sing the song any way! Especially if it makes you feel good!

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2 Responses to “Singing to a tune of your own.”

  1. persistentillusion Says:

    I like to sing along to songs whose tunes I know, and just make up my own words.

  2. The Old Man Says:

    Response to persistentillusion. I think that is a good Idea. My Wife tells me I do that some times. She will walk in to the room where I am playing my guitar and singing. She will ask me if I am changing the words to the song. I reply “yes dear”.

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