Deer Hunting

One day I was deer hunting with a group of men and their wives in the Ocala National Forest. We were walking through the woods, and there were a lot of pine trees in this part of the forest. The ground is covered mostly with pine needles, with a little underbrush here and there. The walking is easy, suddenly a place on my leg started itching. I reached down and gave it a scratch and then it was alright. As we kept on walking, and being very quiet, I noticed this itch again, only it was a little higher up on my leg. I scratched it again. By this time I was getting a little worried standing there for a minute. I though, maybe it was a spider crawling around on my leg? I pulled up my pants leg again and did not see any thing. I hurried along to catch up with the group. As I was walking along I felt it again I stopped in my tracks, it was time to find out what it was. I leaned my Hunting WoodsWinchester rifle up next to the tree. As I was taking my pants off, one of the ladies saw me and hollered “Look! Wendell is taking his pants off!”. Now I’m embarrassed, I know my face was red. With every one watching, it still had to be done. I sat down on a log and finished pulling my pants off. One of my buddies came running over and asked “what’s wrong Wendell”? “There’s something in my pants leg” I replied. “What is it?” he asked. “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out what it is!” I said in return. When I pulled that weed out of my pants leg everybody started laughing and doing belly roles. And then they said Wendell put your pants back on, and grab your rifle, and let’s go hunting!It took a long time before I could live that one down.

The old man says.
“Oh” by the way Daniel called again. He asked how you doing. I told him I was fit as a fiddle, and I can still jump a four foot barbwire fence flat footed. Daniel also said “Hunting with a Winchester Rifle is the only way to do it right!

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