Uncle Hansel

My Uncle Hansel was in the navy during World War Two. He was a cook on one of the Navy ships. He used to come over to our house and make soup for us all sometimes. One thing about my uncle, he could be very funny at times. I remember this one day he came in and had two big bags of groceries. “What are you up to uncle Hansel?” I asked. ‘Going to make some really good soup for dinner!” he replied. As I walked back into the living room Dad asked, “what’s he up to now”?He’s going to make soup.” I told my dad. Dad started laughing, and mom had this little smile on her face. I didn’t know what their laughter and faces were all about. Uncle Hansel was in the kitchen rattling pots and pans, and starting to cook. After about thirty minutes the smell coming from the kitchen was great! It smelled so good that it was getting me all hungry. Hansel walks in to the living room asked mom if she had a bigger pot. Mom said “yes” and then went and got it for him. She asked Hansel the one she brought out was going to be big enough, he replied “yes, Hazel that one will be big enough”. A short time passed and things seem to be going fine in the kitchen. We could here Hansel talking to himself. We were curious what was going on in that kitchen. We found out, when Hansel walked back into the living room and asked mom “Do you happen to have a bigger pot”? We all started laughing! “Yes Hansel! I have a wash tub out on the back porch”! Dad said “son now do you know why I was laughing earlier?” Mom said “son this happens every time, Hansel makes soup!”. When Hansel finished cooking the soup he had a pot as big as a foot tub! We could have fed the hold neighborhood! Being in the Navy and having to cook food for an entire Navy crew is all he knew how to do! He was unable to scale down his wonderful soup to be fitting to serve a small family. At home he always gets carried away when cooking soup!

Oh, Uncle Hansel’s soup is some of the finest in the land. Its lip licking good.

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