Good Ol’e Aunt Myrl

My Aunt was a waitress. Working in a restaurant years ago she once told me a story about how the other waitresses told her how the boss was when he got mad about something. He would come in to Scared Puppywork hollering and carrying on about all kinds of things! One day when my Aunt was working, in came her boss. The restaurant had not opened yet for the day and he started hollering about all kind of things. But my Aunt was ready! She said he was standing behind the counter going on and on about almost every thing you could think of. My Aunt said she just walked out in the dinning room and then started looking under the tables and chairs. Her boss was just standing there looking at her and wondering what she was looking for? Curiosity finally got the best of him. In a loud voice he said “Myrl! what in the Sam hill are you looking for?”!. Aunt Myrl just looked up at him and said “I’m looking for that dog you are hollering at!”. I asked Aunt Myrl what her boss said. She said he just stood there for a few minutes looking at her, and then started laughing. Finally he looked up at her and said “Myrl that was a good one!”.

I guess what I am trying to say in the story is, my aunt Myrl made a point to her boss.

So when you are working take a minute, maybe you can find a way to ease the stress in an easier way.

I have told Aunt Myrls story many times in the past as there is a very important lesson to be learned from her actions.

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