Recycle Copper for Cash

My two sons and I were working in the garage one day. We had been doing a lot of sawing and we had saw dust everywhere. After cleaning every thing up we installed some shelves on the walls. While cleaning up that day my sons asked me “dad what are you going to do with all that scrap copper you have in those two five gallon buckets?”. Before I could say any thing, Gordon said “that stuff is no good”and Gary agreed with him. Gary and Gordon were still young boys at that time, they used to go with me to work where they would help me by doing little things around the job site. I used to tell them Copper is Cash!if they saw pieces of copper lying around they needed to pick it up and through it in the truck. Over time you accumulate a lot of scrap copper. After getting the garage in order, I told the boys to take my truck and the two buckets of scrap to the scrap yard and they could recycle copper for money. They told me it’s wouldn’t be worth it, “just do as you are told boys.” I could tell by the look on their faces they did not want to do it. I told them that I would give them half of the money for what ever they get for the copper. They put the buckets of copper in the back of my truck and off they went. I stood there thinking what a surprise they were going to have, and I laughed. I was sitting down in the garage in my rocking chair drinking a good hot cup of coffee when they came back. When they got out of the truck they were waving the money around in the air and had a big smile on their faces. I knew right then they were happy! The first words out of there mouth was “Dad do you have any more scrape copper?”! Boy did they learn something that day!

If boys were always able to “Have a Minute” they would realize the fact that they can learn a lot of things from there dad!

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