Corn Crib

Boys and girls had a lot to do back in the old days. The girls had to help mom in the kitchen. The boys had cut wood for the wood stove so mom and the girls can cook the meals. We would take turns feeding the chickens, and the list goes on. One afternoon the boys had to go out to the corn crib and shell corn for the hogs, and the chickens. Not as easy as it seems, but it is a lot of fun some times!

You sit around in a circle with your bucket between your legs. After shucking the ears of Corn Shucking!corn, you take two ears of corn (one in each hand) and you rub the two together and the kernels fall off in the bucket. We were sitting there telling stories, and shelling the corn. We heard something moving around through the pile of corn. We were looking around closely to see what it was, but did not see any thing. We kept on working and telling our stories while shelling more corn. Sitting there, we decided it was a rat, yeah it’s a rat! About five minutes later one of the guys jumped up and hollered “It’s no rat! It’s a snake”! We almost tore the door down trying to get out of there! We looked back in the door, it was just a rat snake, thank goodness!

Always remember to be careful when you enter a corn crib.

My Aunt hollered “Boys supper will be ready in a jiffy!”. Just how long is a jiffy?

(Maybe a minute?)

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