Sling Shot

One day I was talking to my Father about a sling shot a friend of mine had. I asked Dad if he ever made a sling shot, he said “yes”. But let me tell you something, it takes a lot of time to find the right branch in a tree back in the woods. So I Asked my dad if he could help me fine one.handmade slingshot “Why sure son! We will do it this weekend.” The weekend came and I was excited. Dad said “let’s go find that special sling shot branch.” We had to take a small saw with us to cut the forked limb off. We looked in every tree we passed and looking hard to fine the right one, you know its take a lot of time to find the right one, you look at so many forks in the tree and every one you see you think this one is the one! You stand there looking hard at it… nope not this one and you keep on looking until finally with a smile on your face this is it and Dad agrees, let’s cut it , we did and then went home. Now you have to take a knife and cut the bark off very carefully not to gouge the stock. Down from the top of each branch about three eighths of an inch you cut this small ring all the way around, about and eighth inch deep. Now you’re ready to find some good rubber for the bands. In my day we had real red rubber tire tubes. Most of the time you have an old one lying around the house. After you cut them to size, about eight to nine inches long, you tie the ends to the top of the short branches, that little ring you cut around the top to insure it stays in place. Dad was watching me “son tie it good, because if you don’t it will come lose and slap you in the face and that would hurt!” And then you find a piece of leather to make the cup or pocket out of , and that holds the small rock. Now you secure the rubber bands to the pocket with some good string. You’re now ready to shoot it if everything went to scale. You look for a special rock and you give it a test you find out it shoots good. So now we are off to do some squirrel hunting. Thanks to Dad we made a fine sling shot.

A special thanks to my Father who taught me so many things in life.

Something to always remember you never ever put your thumb in the middle of the fork when shooting a sling shot you could wind up with a big thumb. Ha. I’ve been there.

Good gosh son it will only take a minute to do your chore.

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