Doctors Office

I walked into the doctors office, there were a lot of old folks in there. I sat down and was thinking about it when I realized I was and old man to. I sort of laughed about it to myself quietly of course. While sitting their everyone was so quite. Most of the time that is the way people are in a doctors office, they don’t want to be there no way. Asking The Doctors officethe gentleman sitting next to me how long have you been waiting, a long time? I asked what seams to be the problem the doctor is an hour late . I did a head count guess how long I………….. was going to be there. Sitting there twiddling my fingers for a little while, getting bored, I though about and advertisement I saw on TV. I asked everyone if they had seen the advertisement about the man and women that went to a symphony some just shook there head no. Well let me tell you about it, of course you all know they dress up in their best clothes. I noticed that some were listing and some were reading as if not paying any attention to me.. ha ha, but I know they have one ear open for my story, because they don’t want to miss anything. So I continued on with my story the couple was sitting in there seats and the orchestra was playing it was very quite in the theater the lady was tuned to the music the orchestra was playing the man was fiddling around with a radio he had brought with him he had the ear peace stuck in his ear the radio was on as he looked up at the stage what he saw was not what every one else was seeing, his imagination of what was on stage was a rock band playing loud music and dancing around he was keeping time with the rock group he got so excited he reached in his pocket and pulled something out. By this time I had my audience listing. The man was so excited he jumped up, at that split second I jumped up struck the lighter that I HAD IN MY HAND and it lit and I yelled out loud, let me tell you my audience came unglued they started laughing so hard, and then the doctor came walking by he looked at me with a smile on his face and I said there is no one in here with a heart problem doc. As I was looking around every one was still laughing.

I felt good because the story took the edge off all those people who had been waiting so long to see the doctor.

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One Response to “Doctors Office”

  1. don Says:

    Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine!!!

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