Black Birds

A long time ago, we were staying with my uncle who lived way out in the country in Adel Ga. My uncle had planted some corn, and the black Birds were trying to eat it. Every now and then he would tell us boys to go out in the field and scare the birds away . But they just kept on coming back! So one day he told us “lets go to the corn patch” and he had his shot gun in hand. We asked what we were going to do. Were going to scare those black birds away? We looked at each other and laughed, and asked our Uncle “how are we going to do that?” he replied “just follow me”. There was this big tree close to the corn patch it was tall and as we walked out to the tree the birds flew off. Our uncle then said “you boys go back to the house.” we told him “they won’t come back if you stay!” that’s when he told us “Black birds can’t count! So they don’t know how many of us left”! He also said that he had to stand very still next to the trunk of the tree. So off we went. Standing close to the house the birds came back. He was right! He raised the shot gun and fired two times, he reloaded and shot two more times, he shot about six times! And yes he killed a few…. but guess what? The birds didn’t eat any of his corn for a while!

A lesson learned and as time goes by, and years pass I some times wonder have many times I have told this story?

Theirs a lot of things we don’t know when we are very young, but if some one asked you today “can birds count?” what would your reply be. I could only guess… or you could say “lets take a minute and I will tell you a story about black birds.”

You could ask the question if five people went out to a tree in the middle of a field and there were a lot of black birds in the tree and they all few a way. Would the black birds come back if four of you left?

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