Well its time I found out more about the arrowhead I found in the forest. So I made a few phone calls and a friend of mind gave me a name of some who may be able to help me. The person I called said come on over and he would take a look at it. Arriving at his home and to my amazement the old gentleman was and Indian. He invited me in. I asked him if he was Cherokee Indian and he said “yes” I. told him I was part Cherokee Indian.
He asked if I would like a cup of coffee, I replied “that would be nice”. He asked me to come on in to his sitting room and have a seat. He said “let me have a look at the arrowhead you found”. While he was looking at the arrow head I was looking around the room; it was decorated with all kinds of beautiful Indian relics. He asked me “where did you, find this arrowhead?” and I told him in the middle of a forest in Carolina. I gave him the exact location of the area. He sat calmly for a few minutes and then said it looks like a Cherokee arrowhead. “My mother and Father left the tribe many years ago and went to a forest in the same location you described, and lived there for about four years”. We both sat silently for a few minutes. I was wondering if this could be in the same place that his Father and Mother moved to. The old Indian looked up at me with a smile and asked “are you thinking the same thing I am”? I replied “I think so”. He said “maybe this arrowhead belonged to my Father”. But I guess we will never know for sure, but it is something to think about! It would bring back some good memories of his Mother and Father.
I told Him I enjoyed the meeting with him, and thanked him for the good coffee. We shook hands and I thanked him for all the information.

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