It’s Christmas Time!

The Special Day called ChristmasChristmas was always a great time for my family especially when it was time to go and get the family Christmas Tree. We would load up in the car and head to the country tree hunting! We always took an ax and a saw with us to cut the tree down. Of coarse Dad always knew where to go and get one. And he always had permission to go on some ones property. Today that is a little hard to do. But things were different back in my day. Back home, my mom would make us some hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top, and Dad would turn the radio on and tune it to a station with Christmas music playing. Then dad would get busy making a stand for the tree, its time to put the tree somewhere in the living room. Its amazing how many times you can move it around trying to find that “special place” for it. Now its time for the lights, bulbs, garland, ice icicles, and the angel we always put on the top. Some of the first things that went under the tree were nuts of all kinds, and then as time goes by you will see presents go under the tree . You know what that means, you have to take a peek to see if it is yours. On Christmas morning we were up early to see what Santa brought. Most of the time we would get a lot of clothes but that was good especially when you got a brand new pair of Levi jeans, some white tee shirts, and socks! One Christmas my brother and I got a Daisy BB gun, we were the happiest kids on the block! We could not wait to go outside and shoot it! Then as we started out the door Dad said “Hold it! I won’t to tell you something! I wont you to remember this, you are not to shoot any oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, or Birds”!

But no matter! With all the clothes and the Daisy BB gun the best thing about Christmas is BEING WITH YOUR FAMILY, Mom and Dad, and your brother and sisters, and having a beautiful beautiful day of sharing and enjoying the celebration of Christmas.

All most forgot about all those good vittles! You know what I am talking about cookies, pies, cakes, crackling cornbread, chicken and dressing. My mom always knew how to make it a very special time for the family to share!

If “You have a minute”, call the ones you love very much. The celebration of Jesus birthday is not complete without sharing at least the gift of a phone call to those special people in your life.


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