Gene and the….

One day my brother in-law and I were sitting around telling stories. The one I told him about was great but he said he had a better one. I laughed, and said “go for it if you think you can top my story!” he said I can, “then go for it Gene”. He said he was going to work yesterday morning and heard this noise in the cab of his truck. He didn’t know what it was but every once in a while he would here it again. It was a weird noise, kind of spooky you know what I mean? “Yeah” I replied, “go ahead with the story Gene”. He giggled, now I was really in to this story wondering what this weird noise was? Then I asked Gene “did you stop the truck and look to see what it was”? He said “No, I just kept on driving down the road”. Black and White Cat“About five minutes later I almost had a heart attack, when that big black and white cat came out from under the seat, jumped up on the dash, ran across to my side up over the steering wheel, on to my shoulder, across my back, and then back to the other side of the truck”!. “By this time I was off the road and almost in the ditch!” “I looked over to see where the cat was going and all I could see was the hair on that cat was still standing straight up his mouth wide open and hissing at me!” “I was trying hard to get out of the truck”! “And that’s not all”! “If you could have seen my face! I WAS A COMEPLETE WRECK BY THIS TIME, BUT THANK GOODNESS THE CAT WENT OUT THE WINDOW”!
Moral of this story? Simple one really:
Gene had left the truck door open the night before, and the cat had kittens under the seat!
Always make sure that the doors are closed and windows are up!

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