I’m Nuts!

I know from experience that no one now ever gathers peanuts like we used to do it in the good ole days. Ha, ha. I was told one day by a farmer that I could make three dollars a day helping to gather peanuts. I was so excited to go out on a Saturday to make some money. I was up early that morning and ready to go! You know the old saying “The early bird gets the worm!”.

Arriving at the farmer’s house they had everything ready to go. We jumped up on the wagon and headed for the field of peanuts! The farmer handed me a pitch fork and I asked “what am I going to use this for?” and he laughed. Well, to my surprise, I found out! There were six of us young men raring and ready to go!

The tractor had turned the peanuts up on top of the ground with a turning plow. Then using a hay rake pulled by the tractor, it had raked them into piles about thirty feet apart. The farmer then should us how to take our pitch forks and scoop up a load of peanuts and vines, then shake the dirt out of them. Then we would make a new pile within throwing distance.

The wind started blowing! The tractors were running up and down the field stirring up dust. We were now in a thick dust storm! We were hot and sweating, the dust was sticking to our faces. After eight hours of working in the field our clothes were dusty and our faces and hair were covered in dirt. Our work was over and it was time to go home. On the way home I couldn’t remember who was complaining the most about the last eight hours me or my cousin Billy! But I can tell you this much… THAT WAS THE LAST THREE DOLLARS I WILL EVER MAKE IN A PEANUT FIELD!!!

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