I remember back when I was going to Cherokee Jr. High School in Orlando, Fla. My brother had a newspaper route and he had to deliver his papers on a bicycle rain or shine. Besides that, he had good right arm. He could through that paper about anywhere he wanted it to go. So one day I decided to go down town with a buddy of mine after school. Our transportation was a bicycle. He was selling newspapers in down town Orlando. I talked to the manager and got the job. I started the same day. The manager tells you the corner of Orange Avenue and central will be your station area, he also said you can not go any where else. He also tells you how much to sell each paper for and while standing there with arm extended and paper in hand, you will shout out in a loud voice “ORLANDO EVENING STAR————– PAPER!” when some one walks by you repeat the same thing “ORLANDO EVENING STAR ———– PAPER“! PAPER SIR? PAPER MA’AM? With your bundle of papers ,off you go. When you get to your station you repeat the phrase. “ORLANDO EVENING STAR———-PAPER“! PAPER SIR? The man turns, hands you a dime, and you give him his paper. Now you have sold your first paper. At the end of the day I had sold most of my papers. Now when I see some one selling papers on TV or I drive by Orange Avenue and Central it reminds me of the days I spent on that corner (rain or shine). Old saying (those were the days to remember).

Johnnie called last night and asked you have a minute?

My response was I ways have a minute for my sister!


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