Thinking of Yesterday

What about this…….. The 1950’s
Things I remember:

  1. You could buy a gallon of gas for twenty five cents.
  2. A loaf of bread for ten cents.
  3. A new bicycle with all the trimmings for thirty nine ninety five. A simple stripped down bike for twenty nine ninety five!
  4. A drink and a candy bar for ten cents.

My favorite back then was a Baby Ruth candy bar. The drink I had? Well I will tell you later in another story. Do you remember the five and ten cent stores and the things you could buy for five or ten cents? Today it’s the dollar store. You could go to the movies with two bits in your pocket it would cost you ten cents to get in, and have enough change for pop corn, and a soda besides that the buttered pop corn was so good you could eat box and all! (But we never ate the box.)

  1. You could buy a Gibson mandolin for $80.00 dollars
  2. A Tricycle for $18.00
  3. Bicycle tire for $2.95
  4. Fishing pole for $.79
  5. Car tire for $19.95
  6. A Kay guitar for $39.95

What if we could buy some of these items today for the same price? (We would be rich!)

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