Fried Chicken

I told you early in a story I would get back with you Folks with some finger licking food. Here is the best way to cook fried chicken Mama says. Go to the store and buy a can of hog lard when you get back home get that black skillet out, if there is a number two stamped on the bottom it’s a good one. Now we are ready turn the heat up put enough lard in the skillet to where it will be half way up the side of a leg piece be shore to adjust your heat so it does not cook to slow or to fast rinse the chicken off real good now salt Mamas Fried Chickenand put some black pepper on it get the self rising flower out and put just enough in a bowl to cover all the pieces of chicken now roll the pieces around in the flower real good now you are ready to fry. Now put the chicken pieces in the skillet, remember if you have pieces that have been cut and the skin is on one side only put skin side down first, be shore to cook half way through before turning over. I remember what mama said “YOU NEVER TURN CHICKEN OVER BUT ONE TIME WILD COOKING”. When golden brown remove from skillet. Don’t for get to cook those black eye peas, and collard greens now make some home made corn bread, oh don’t for get the sliced tomato and that big——– glass of Lipton ice tea.

Remember to put lots napkins on the table because this is going to be some good finger licking, lip licking fried chicken MAMA SAID. —————————————————————————————————————————————-



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