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Another holiday season comes to an end tonight at midnight! 2010 will as of tomorrow be remembered as a year in the past.

As most are aware, this was not the best of years for us here at YouHaveaMinute but it did have its moments! As I look back and reflect I can honestly say that there are things that will certainly forever stand out about 2010. I suppose I view 2010 in many ways. It was a year of tragedy, a year of increased personal financial suffering for many, but it was also a year of many new beginnings and new ideals.

We began our 2010 here in West Tennessee with lots of snow, we probably saw more snowfall in the beginning of 2010 than any other year I have lived here. This was sadly followed by the largest flood some months later here in Jackson. Many people forced from their homes, businesses closed due to extensive damages. All in all weather did not seem on our side.

We voted in a Universal Health Care Reform, I suppose this might be good news, but until it is realized and we see how this actually falls into play we will just stay on the fence. But this was a triumph over the numerous failed attempts in the past.

I personally got to see family in 2010 that I haven’t seen in a long time! Though a lot of the visits were to comfort me in my times of need, they were welcomed visits that touched my heart. I always knew I had a family that loved and cared for me. 2010 renewed my understanding of just how important family is to a person. Without this outpouring of love and strength, this year could have easily been a lot worse.

In 2010 I made a step towards opening a new business! It is really more of a new hobby with interest in turning a profit, nonetheless it is a new beginning for me and one I am excited to see move forward. New adventures are always welcomed, and one that will allow me to focus on the things I enjoy most is certainly a wonderful addition! Wish me luck!

I suppose 2010 will always be remembered by me as one of the toughest years in my personal life. My losses seemingly won one over on my gains for sure. The pains, the hardships, the weakening of my emotional health created by a loss I had hoped I would never see. Though the love and support levels increased, and the ability to spend time with family I haven’t seen for a long time are very appreciated and will never be forgotten! I must say “Goodbye 2010!” And as far as I am concerned “Good Riddance!” I welcome the year 2011!

Happy New Year! May the future be bright!


It takes less than a minute to force a change certain habits. As of 12:00:00 A.M. people will be writing 2011 on important documents for 365 days!

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