Fall on the Horizons!

Times of fun in sun (yeah right) are nearly over in the fabulous districts of West TN. I know you may have heard many complaints of just how hot it has been (often with a heat index of 110F+) but those days we hope are beyond us.
Fall rituals are to begin soon! The pest control, the yard prep for winter and so on. We can’t forget to winterize our cars unless we plan to spend countless hours wrapped in a blanket on the side of the interstate. I am sure my Fall rituals will be slack and a lot less detailed than in the past. I seem to have lost motivations of doing but my brain still has all the plans in place. The yard has been fairly maintained by myself with the help of family throughout these hot months.
Daniel…… oh that boy! He already has plans to get going on the pest control since the leaves will be falling within the next month. Here in TN it is an absolute must to get treatments done before that point as to keep the insects that feed off the fall foliage at bay. The good news is we have an industrial sprayer and a golf cart to make this a smooth process. Well, at least smoother for Daniel 😉 I will certainly still be in the shade supervising with my whip in hand.
I still think back to the days of childhood when we had so much more to do in order to prepare for fall. We had the outhouse to re-lime, the crops had to turned at the end of the season….. and this often lead us to the fact that there would be plenty of maintenance to perform on the equipment. Chopping firewood today is no longer an issue. I remember days upon days of doing nothing during the Fall but chopping enough wood to get us through the winter. Thank you to the marvelous inventions of what we consider the small things (Insulation, Central Heat, Non leaky Windows etc.) that make us happier than a pig in a mud hole.
Not that I haven’t been busy already! Daniel and I have spent countless days in the past two weeks sitting in lawn chairs in the shade contemplating all the things we need to prepare to do. I will not promise that we will get up from these red metal chairs and actually get started soon. I figure if I put it off long enough the initiatives of others will make all of this happen while I keep considering the things not done yet! After all! All these things should only take a minute!

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2 Responses to “Fall on the Horizons!”

  1. Tamela Says:

    Good morning I really thought the password you gave me was a moind full. we just talked about memory loss yesterday. my family has pulled your site yesterday. you are a intereting man. Guys, I really enjoyed yesterday. Did I scare ya’ll off? I do hope that ya’ll attend cornerstone church soon.

  2. Tamela Says:

    I really need to reread my mail before i send it not typed anything in a loooooong time. i requested a new password something i had a chance to recall wendell have i typed to early for you i just rememered the 10 oclock rule. i hope you andf johnnie enjoy your day apart

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