My Beloved Wife

Lois Maries Glisson

I Love You my Dearest Wife!

It is with great sadness that I announce the very untimely departure of the woman I loved very dearly. Many of my readers know of my great respect, admiration, love, and companionship I held for my wife Lois Glisson. Lois was far more than a wife. She was and still is the world in which my every breath revolves around.

Lois was a very loving and compassionate person. She has always had the ability to overcome anything and everything that may have crossed an intersection of any stage of a project she was working on. She was a veteran of cancer fights and had overcome obstacles brought forth by cancer on several occasions in our lives together. She always maintained a smile and a can do attitude. This was just one of the many beautiful traits that allowed me to adore her every footstep.

In April of 2009 we had received news from her doctors that her newest battle would be one fought but not won. She was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer known as a Klatskins Tumor. We were told then that our expectation should be low and that we would have a battle that would be tough it would also be short.

My Lois not only took the news lightly, she also took it with a smile as an invitation to not only challenge her cancer but to enjoy life to its fullest no matter what stepped into her life’s now fast lane. Lois made available opportunities that would fill our memory buckets with love, fun, and happiness. We took time to travel, visit with family, and even travel and visit with family! I love her for her drive! She made the past year not only memorable and remarkable, but with the battle at full force she still kept my heart filled with love and hope!

Lois has departed my physical life on March 09, 2010 at 3:30 in the morning. This is indeed a very sad and hurtful time in my life. I do still rejoice in the passion and understanding that she will forever be with me spiritually and emotionally. I love my wife every bit today that I did the day we got married well over 30 years ago. I am able to find happiness in my heart knowing that I always did everything possible to insure Lois knew that she was not only loved, but also adored for her strength, courage, and guidance that she provided to everyone she knew.

Lois, though you are missed on this Earth, you will forever be remembered and respected. The love we felt on a yesterday will continue for as long as a today continues to show a new sun and a tonight brings forth a new moon.

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One Response to “My Beloved Wife”

  1. Tamela Says:

    Wendell, your thoughts of Lois are beautiful. Lois was a lucky woman to be loved yesterday and today by you and others. I am sorry that I missed her as a person and you both as couple;
    there are many things I could have learned about life. Forgive me if I have gotten to personal. You seem to be thoughtful, introspective and still willing to live and share, thank you.

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