Strange Critters

Not that I usually use another persons story, but this was an email I received from my sister Johnny Lou that I thought needed to be shared.

This is so funny to me………  Maybe you had to be there…

Last night I went grocery shopping. It was 15 degrees.  I put the groceries in the back seat and some in my trunk.

I got home and I asked Bob to get the groceries because I was freezing.  It was dark, I popped my trunk from inside the house while looking out the window to make sure it opened. Bob went out the back door and I kept watching to make sure he could get in the trunk.  While watching, I saw some animal scurrying from under my car, it seemed…  it went sideways down the driveway and then straightened out and went on down til out of sight.  I was wondering what the animal was…it was low to the ground, had a white round tale and it seemed drunk as it made its way down the driveway.  I thought that is some odd animal,,, bunnies are not around this time of year but it did have a big white, round tale, which is mostly what I saw…and I thought Bob had scared it away as he approached the car.

So, Bob gets in the house with ALL the bags in his arms so he did not have to make a second trip in the cold. I forgot to ask him about the animal.  We were busy putting the groceries away and we wanted to watch something on TV.

The next morning, I woke up with Bob bringing me coffee and we talked and then I thought …Oh, Bob did you bring in all the bags last night.. (because sometimes he does not bring in all the bags), and I did not remember seeing the melon, that I thought would of been refreshing for breakfast…. so, Bob said, yes, I brought everything in,,,,, I was doubtful, so, I said, if you brought everything in then where is the melon? He said, I don’t know, maybe it fell in the back of the trunk……………….then he said….when I walked the dogs earlier I saw a melon squashed by the mailbox,,, which he said was odd….and it was in a white bag….  he said, oh crazy George down the road probably put his groceries on top of his car and drove off, then the melon rolled off and someone ran over it…………………………..  well!!!, I laughed so HARD that I cried for a long time,,,,,and in between hysterical laughs I told him about the odd animal that seemed drunk rolling down the driveway…………………….which of course was my melon in a white bag…………………………

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