Canoe Trip

My family decided to go canoing, it was a beautiful day. We rented the canoes, now it was time to load up. I asked one of my second cousins if he knew how to paddle a canoe he answered “oh yes sir no problem!” One of my sisters jumped in with him. The rest of us got in our canoes, and off we go! Well what happened next?

CanoeMy second cousin was in the lead when all of a sudden he headed for the bank. My sister was hollering at him “turn the canoe!” of coarse he is sitting in the back. She was paddling hard trying to turn the canoe, he was paddling harder and faster. When he hit the bank we just thought he was just playing around, but when he almost knocked her out of the canoe going under a low limb hanging out over the river, she yelled at him “Just take me back to shore” ! We helped him get back (so much for the “oh yes sir”). We were back were right back where we started.

His father, mother, and sister got in the canoe. His wife got in the front, his daughter in the middle, and he sat in the back his wife who had never been in a canoe. I shoved them out from shore. As I walked away I was looking at my brother and he was pointing behind me. So I turned around and his wife was leaning over the side. My cousin hollered “don’t lean over the side!” it was to late the canoe turned over, and in the water they went. You should have seen their faces! Of coarse we were all laughing.

You know? After all that happened on that day, we all had a great time!

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