The Squirrel!

One day I was out side and the squirrels were running around. I had this idea to catch one, so I would have it for a pet. I went into the house got some food, placed it along the ground just inside the porch past the screen door. I tied a string to a wedge that I propped the door open with so that when the squirrel came in I could close the door. Sitting Killer Squirrelsin a swing inside the porch being very still finely the squirrel came down the tree across the yard up three steps pausing once in a while at the top step. He looked around, walked in, and I pulled the string! The screen door slammed closed with a loud noise! That squirrel went wild, he was running all around inside that porch but when he came across that swing I was sitting on, and across my shoulders, then down my leg it was time to open the door! As scared as I was, I ran for the door. Fumbling with the door handle, and swinging it open, I jumped over three steps looking over my shoulder to see where the squirrel was. He was still inside the porch. While standing there, I thought to myself “I really don’t think that was a good idea to catch a wild squirrel for a pet”.


One for the mothers……

Can you sing the lullaby “When the Wind Blows” in one minute?

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