The List

You have a minute?

You know that piece of paper you make up when you go to the hardware store. One day my brother-in-law and I made a list of things I needed to finish a job at home. It was winter time, I had on a lot clothes on plus my jacket. When we finished the list he told me put in my pocket that way I wouldn’t lose it. Way to many pocketsHe knew how easy it was to leave it at home so I did what he said. We drove to town which is about sixteen miles. We go into the store and he said Wendell we need the list. No problem, I looked in my shirt pocket where I put it, he is standing there looking at me. Well it wasn’t in the shirt pocket that I put it in. “Wendell you know we have to have the list to get items we need”, standing there frantically I’m looking everywhere, in my other shirt pocket, in my coat pockets, my pants pockets, my billfold. I told him I know I have it and his reply was “of course you do”. So I went through all my pants pockets, my jacket pockets, my shirt pockets and checked my billfold again, again, and again. I looked up at my brother in-law he was laughing so hard and he said “from now on I will keep the list” and I asked why he said “because you have too many pockets”. I laughed and said ok.

Well if some one out there is wondering if I ever found the list NO.

I know that I am not the only one out there that makes a list of things on that little piece of paper and loses it am I?

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3 Responses to “The List”

  1. dpmagyari Says:

    I really enjoy reading up on these stories. It fascinates me to read about life back in those days. It also brings up interesting thoughts on all the benefits that can be gained by you sharing these stories. I can almost imagine that by participating in writing a blog about your memories may even have a positive impact on the memory losses occurred by people in certain age groups. Maybe you should consult your doctor and see if he would be willing to do some testing to actually measure the results! You just might find the secret behind memory loss while sharing these wonderful stories with your readers!
    I can see it now “Wendell Glisson is proof to the world that modern internet technologies such as writing a blog decreases memory loss!”

  2. don Says:

    This is the best website Iv’e ever been on! It is full of humer and fun! But I’m sure glad I’m not that brother in-law!! I’m gonna go get me a cherry coke, and maybe even a moonpie! Keep up the stories, I can’t wait till the next one.
    Dr. Don of cedar Grove

  3. The Old Man Says:

    Reply to Dr. Don I am glade you like my stories. R.C. Cola and a moon pie is my favorite.

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