One minute challenges

Seemingly simple…. But I bet this can be a test to many of us. If you can accomplish at least 2 of 3 you can claim to have gotten some exercise today!

  1. Can you stand on your right leg for one minute?

  2. Can you stand on your left leg for one minute?

  3. Can you sing the crawdad song in one minute?

On a side note…. due to some unforeseen complications last night with the sight I regret to say a few users registrations were lost. If you registered on yesterday and cannot login today…. please Re-Register as you were affected by now fixed errors.

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One Response to “One minute challenges”

  1. dpmagyari Says:

    I can do #1 and #2 simultaneously for hours on end! Does this prove that I am in shape? As for #3 well…….. I guess Im not old enough to know the Crawdad Song.

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