Things you remember from when you were young!

You know when you’re hanging out around the house with nothing to do. My Aunt and mom were laying in bed reading there books, things were real quiet. I slipped into the room very quietly on the side my Aunt was laying on. I thought about it for a second and said to myself “oh well!”

books I reached over and grabbed her book. She jumped up but I was running out the door by that time and laughing so hard, I looked over my shoulder to see how

close she was. She was right on my heels. I knew right then I was in a lot of trouble. She hollered in a loud voice youngin when I catch you I’m going to whip

your little behind, then grabbing me by the arm she laughed and said “got you” guess what happened.


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One Response to “Things you remember from when you were young!”

  1. dpmagyari Says:

    I remember many things from when I was young 🙂 Most of them had to do with me doing something wrong and listening to a story for an hour on why I shouldn’t have did what I had done 😉 I wont mention any names!

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