New and Old

My Wife and I opened a craft store some years ago at Browsers Barn in Longwood, Florida. We made all kinds of crafts. My wife repaired antique dolls and painted all types of things and she was good at it. She also made a lot of cloth dolls and handmade dresses for them. She painted there faces, each and every one. I was always amazed at what she could do. I did a lot of wood crafts. In Longwood, they would have an annual craft show. We would set up our table across from our store. The owner of the building always had her table set up on the opposite side of the hall. Hundreds of people would come to the show. I remember this one lady she came by our table four or five times. She would stand there looking at ever thing for the longest time. The last time she came by she was looking at this and that and I asked her “could I help you make up your mind”? She looked at me and smiled, she picked up this one item and said “I would buy this if it was and antique”. I looked at her and asked her if I could hold it, and she handed it to me. The owner of the building was watching me at the time. I took the item and threw it across the brick floor and it bounced a few times. I walked over and picked it up, standing back at the table I looked at her, her eyes were wide open and her bottom lip hanging down on one side a little. I told her it’s all scratched up and it was now an “Antique”, if you want to buy it. She stood there in amazement. She then turned and walked away. The owner of the building was laughing so hard.

The lady wasn’t going to buy it anyway! She was looking for ideas so she could go home and try to make one just like it. I knew what she was up to. I just wanted to have some fun and I did Ha, Ha!

I often wonder how many times she told that story to some one.

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