Quality Control

I was walking a job site one day. In one building I had to check the drywall. I opened the door to the apartment. A drywall installer was hanging drywall with no ladder or scaffold board. The man was about five foot tall. At the time he was screwing drywall to the ceiling. I had to “laugh” at what I saw. I was laughing so hard I had to step outside of the apartment. After regaining my composure I stepped back inside to see if this man was ok. He was and he was still standing on “two five gallon buckets” turned upside down with the soles of his shoes screwed to the top of the five gallon buckets. My last thought was I hope OSHA is not on this job.

On a separate note (unrelated to Quality Control) I want to share these quick thoughts!

Being cool in the fifties and sixties meant:

White tee shirt.

Starched and ironed Levis with white belt.

Black Loafers “SPIT SHINED” with white socks.

Nice trimmed hair. Or the all impressive Elvis Presley hair cut.

Driving a nice car with fender skirts and white wall tires. Glass pipes with duel exhaust and chrome extensions.

Walking down the side walk with your thumbs stuck in your front pockets!

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