Good Deeds

Winter time was just around the corner. I heard my mom talking to her Mother in the kitchen and the conversation was about needing coal for the fire place. The fire place was the only source of heat in the house. Money was tight at that time and Christmas was not far away. I was working but not making much money. I went into my bed room and counted what little money I had, I then decided I would go down to the local hardware store and see what a small load of coal would cost. The man at the store gave me the price. I had enough to get a half dump truck load. The man at the store said that was a lot of coal. I ask him if it would last all winter and he said it probably would. I gave him the address and I went back home and waited for the truck. I told no one at home of what I had done. When the truck arrived the delivery man came to the door and asked my Mother where to dump the coal, she said no one here had ordered it. He said I have an order and it has been paid in full for this address. She told him where to dump it. I heard Mom tell Her Mother it was probably Wendell. Mom came and asked me “yes mama I did”. I got a real big hug from my Mom and Grandmother. The Family stayed warm all winter.

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One Response to “Good Deeds”

  1. lavonne Says:

    I knew when i met you that you were that kind of person. 🙂


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