The Good Old Days!

One night late I was laying in bed, I turned the radio on. There was a talk show on and they were talking about the good old days. A lady called in said let me tell you about the good old days. She started talking about washing clothes in the back yard, she had to heat the water in a foot tub, of course to get water you had to pump it out of a well.  Old Radio You also have two large wash tubs that you have to fill with water. When she would go and visit her sister in Jacksonville it was by horse and wagon that took most of a week to get there. You cooked on a WOOD STOVE and they are so many other things. So in a delightful voice she said let me tell you. Today we have running water, washing machines to wash clothes in. Driers so we don’t have to hang our clothes on a clothes line wondering whether or not its going to rain. We have cars to travel to Jacksonville in and it only takes a few hours. We have electric and gas ranges so in a happy sounding voice she said the good old days are today, and she laughed.

A thought for today

When someone says “in the good old days” you can remember what the lady said on the radio.

My good deed for today I fixed my Wife breakfast. What’s yours?

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