Walking Along

When I was young I walked along, I was a lonely man. I wondered along my way, they say down lonely roads and sad. As I walked along that lonely road how sad I may be. I heard a voice in the meadow, I wondered who, who could that be talking to me? I stopped along the road and sat down on the edge of the road. I looked around looking for some one. I asked who is this person talking to me? There was a few moments of silence and then I heard the voice again, I am “God”. God why are you talking to me? And God said you seem so lonely, you should always remember that you don’t have to walk along all you have to do is ask me and I will always walk with you. I thought about it for a minute and then ask God will you walk with me today? I was not sad any more because God and I walked side by side and talked about a lot of things walking down that long road, and I was so happy. God had lifted my spirit.

We should all take a minute during the day and talk to God about our problems and he will help.

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