Have You?

“I HAVE”, picked cotton, planted corn, picked corn, shelled corn, planted tomatoes, picked tomatoes, packed tomatoes, planted water melons, picked watermelons, Packed water melons, picked cucumbers, graded cucumbers, Picked peas, Beans, been a Carpenter, Painting contractor, license L. P. gas man, assistant manager for and L. P. GAS Company.

Rode a bicycle backwards, Rode a Harley Davidson, and rode a motor bike.

I climbed a tree played, Tarzan and fell out of the tree and broke my arm.

I have water skied, I jumped a wave and busted my behind. I ran a mile and rode back in a two horse wagon. ha”!

I have rode a horse,

I have rode a Billy Goat fell off and busted my …………………

I have jumped off a high diving board in a pool and landed on my back.

I have been on roller skates and we won’t go there. Ha.

Well that “minute’ timed out. Until next time, you Folks have a good day.

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