Think Fast!

My Mother had the fastest right hand in Georgia. She could move her right hand like a streak of lighting, it was just a blur! Years ago, when I was about nineteen years old I was sitting at the table talking to my Mom. We were carrying on a normal conversation. Talking about things, when all of a sudden mom slapped me! And boy did that hurt! I asked “mom why did you do that”? SHE SAID “FOR SASSING ME!”. ” Mom, I am sorry but I didn’t know I did” I replied. “Look at it this way son. If you think you didn’t that one was for all the times I didn’t get you, and you did!” And then she gave me that little smile of hers.

I went and looked in the mirror at the side of my face it was a little red. I stood their thinking “boy you had better think twice about what you say to mom next time”. The thing about it, I knew “never” to sass my mom, but I guess I got careless.

As my sisters got older I warned them about mom’s right hand. I don’t think they listened very well. I heard some real good stories later on in life.

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