I received a letter in the mail about my Granddaughter Amanda from her 5th grade teacher. I want to share the contents of this letter with ever one. Amanda’s 5th grade teacher wrote, our 5th grade class wrote essays about some one that each of us loves in a very special way. You have dramatically impacted a 5th grader. A copy of the essay that she wrote about you is enclosed.
Please know you are loved and it is evident that you have shared your life with this child. Thank you for the impact you have on her life!!

Amanda’s 5th grade Teacher.

Amanda’s Essay:

Every one knows someone that is important to them. The three reasons I love my Grandfather are he goes fishing with me, sings karaoke with me, and he is really funny. I love my Grandpa so, so, so much!

The first reason I love my Grandpa is that he goes fishing with me. My Grandpa is the one who taught me how to fish. It was a whole lot of fun learning how. One time he cooked the fish we caught. It tasty so fished! One or two times we scaled the fish. The fish were all slimy and gooey.

The second reason I love my Grandpa is he sings karaoke with me. About two years ago he taught me how to keep my beat. “Just keep on tapping your foot!” he says. My Grandpa also taught me how to play the guitar. The first song he taught me went like this, “Everybody’s gonna have religion and glory, everybody’s going to be singing that story, everybody going to have a wonderful time up there. One time we wrote a song with “Grandma” on their way to there house in Tennessee. Last year we recorded it on a tape.

The third thing I love about my Grandpa is he is very funny. He is always making jokes. One time I asked what his first car was. He said it was a horse and buggy! Ha! Ha! Some times we go and catch lighting bugs. At lease he tries to catch the lighting bugs. My Grandpa has such a cool accent. He sounds like a true Tennessee Volunteer.

Every one knows some one important to them. The three important reasons I love my Grandpa are he is so funny, he loves to fish, and he is good at karaoke. My Grandpa is the best! “I love you!



The Old Man Says, “In life there are few things more rewarding than realizing that the ones you hold special can do things that make you understand just how important you are in their eyes. Take a minute and let those around you know how much you love them by just spending time doing the things you enjoy. It is very amazing to receive their love back in such a rewarding way”!

“Thank you Amanda for remembering your Grandpa! I love you”!

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  1. persistentillusion Says:

    That is such an ADORABLE essay. A+ Amanda!

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