One day my Father and I was on the way home we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner he was going to get some tomatoes, standing there, Dad picked up several and smelled them. I asked Dad why are you smelling the tomatoes that’s when he told me the story about how you know when you have found a good

Red Tomato

Red Tomato

one. When he was a boy and they grew tomatoes on the farm you get used to the small of tomatoes. Besides if you wonted to eat one you pull the knife out and cut it open or just take a big bite out of it, and have the salt ready it’s so good and juicy. The smell stays with you a long ………………… time. As we stood there and dad checking the tomatoes, I got involved, I picked up a few, I notice these bruises on three or four. I asked dad what caused the bruises he laughed and said some ones” big thumb” he said some people don’t know if its ripe enough so they mash it with there thumb, and it bruises the tomato, and they still don’t know if its ripe. When people come in and checking the tomatoes guess what they don’t buy, the ones bruised. And then the owner of the store has to through them away, what a waste. So when you smell the tomato and it smells like a tomato and its bright red in color it will be ripe. “OK Dad!”, I got it. Thanks.

I learned something today.

So when you go to the market and you see someone with a big thumb bruising the tomatoes and “you have a minute” maybe you could show them how to tell a good tomato.

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One Response to “Tomatoes’”

  1. persistentillusion Says:

    I know you would!

    Smelling fruit has always worked pretty well for me. I don’t quite have the hang of picking watermelon or canteloupe, but since we don’t eat much of those it hasn’t been that much of a problem.

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