Now… This ain’t no bull!

One day I met with my first cousin and we decided to go fishing. We lived less than a minute from each other. We met, and with our fishing pole and a can of worms in hand we were on our way. Instead of taking the long way around we decided to take a short cut.

We climbed over the fence we were laughing and having a good time. We were talking about all the good fishing holes we knew about, not paying much attention on what was going on around us. When we got less then half way across the field we heard a noise and looked over to our right, out of nowhere was this huge Brahma bull looking at us.Brahma Bull Can you imagine the look in that bulls eyes with his head down and his right hoof pawing in the ground? We knew we were in a lot of trouble!

Scared as we were we looked at each other eyes wide open and said its time to go. We looked around to see which way was the shortest way out of there. We scanned the area we decided that the shortest way out was the way we came in. We started running as fast as we could with the bull close behind, by this time our hair was standing straight up. The fence we climbed over was getting closer and we could hear the bull snorting, which was bad. We heard someone yelling, we looked and it was the farmer that owned the bull yelling, “You boys get out of there!” By this time we were at the fence and we dared not to look back. The farmer was standing at the fence so he quickly helped us over, relieved of what could have happened to us.

So the next time you think about taking a short cut, the longest way may be the best way to go or you may run into an extraordinary surprise.

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