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Just One Look!

Certain friends are good for more than just a laugh. We all have those people around us that can create a smile, and often a giggle. But….. every once in a while, few but yet still often you have that one friend. This friend may not be the same friend in every situation. But though the roll in the group changes, the result is the same.

This time around that friend is Angela. She is always the one you want to have around when your telling stories. It’s hilarious, she has that certain Know-How to just know exactly when the time is right for the punch line.

On one occasion we were all hanging out at my son Gordon’s house. While there I had decided to share “The Elevator” story (if your an avid reader here the story exist). We were all laughing and enjoying the story together. The time came around that the laughter starts to slowly roll off, and we are all trying hard to catch our breath. Finally the laughter had stopped. I made the mistake of looking at Angela…. She had this little look on her face, this is the look that we are writing about today! She noticed me looking and then she was pointing her finger in the “Don’t you dare start” gesture! This “Look” of “it does not matter what your doing, does not matter how focused you are on avoiding it, there is nothing, nothing at all you can do”! It was inevitable! Everyone started laughing uncontrollable again! No matter how bad our belly hurt! No matter how hard you tried to stop! We all were Hysterical! It hurt, but yet it felt so good to laugh so hard!

I didn’t know if it was me or her that really started that debacle. . But none the less the laughter was obnoxious and loud! It was so loud that the neighbors porch lights started coming on and people were checking to see what the commotion was all about. After seeing us all enjoying ourselves so much they all asked if they could join. Definitely a night to remember!

Angela is certainly one to always have around when you need to laugh. It is her gift! She comes about it naturally, I am very honored to have met such a wonderfully funny friend.


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