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Tobacco Sled!

My Brother, all four of our Cousin’s, and myself were playing outside one hot summer day at my Uncles house in Georgia. We all climbed into a tobacco sled to have some fun imagining the Mule was hooked up to the Tobacco sled.
My Brother being the oldest grabbed the reins and started doing the clicking noise to make the Mule start pulling the sled. We were all riding around the fields hooting and hollering while waving our arms! We were all laughing so hard we had tears running down the sides of our cheeks.
We were all having so much fun until someone hollered “There’s a Snake in the tobacco Sled!”.
My Brother and Cousin’s were jumping out of the tobacco sled just as fast as they could move. I, being so smart decided that I was small enough to crawl through the slats on the side of the sled. Much to my surprise I wasn’t quite as small as I thought I was. My head got stuck between two of the slates, and there was no getting out! I was hollering and crying for for help, knowing that snake had to be well on his way towards! I was stomping my feet to try and scare the snake away. One of my Cousins ran to get my Uncle Carson. He had to saw the boards in two to get my head out.
Thank God the Snake did take that opportunity to bite me!

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