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The Forest!

Who’s to say what goes on in the middle of the “forest”? I decided I would make an adventure and find out for myself!

The day before, I had looked at my map to see how big the forest was. According to my maps it was about twelve miles wide. I knew I needed to be at the center of the forest by noon if I was to get back to before darkness enveloped me.

Just what might one see if you walked to the middle of the forest? Maybe things that creep, crawl, jump, fly, and run? What about those little things that might scare you on your way there? I know I imagined a lot of things, but, think about it…

What if you were standing on the edge of a big forest and you could see a little way in past the trees, and the bushes? You might think about what may be moving around beyond the trees, keeping an eye on you. I thought about it for a few minutes. Do I walk to the middle of the forest and find out? Let’s look at it this way. We don’t know if there are bears, wild hogs, or even black panthers in the woods. So do we dare go walking deep into the woods? I personally wanted to know, but do I go by myself?

I was pondering over the idea so I sat on a stump just outside the forest. I had a notepad and pencil, and it was a nice day. As I sat there writing down the things I would need “if” I decided to walk to the middle of the forest.

The following day I had made up my mind, I was going to do it by myself! As I entered the edge of the forest I remembered how quiet things seemed here just the day before. I was looking around at the trees, bushes, and the few wild flowers. Everything was so beautiful! As I moved on I heard a noise in front of me. I stopped, after a few minutes this big white Jack Rabbit jumped out of the bushes! A little startled but I still managed a smile. As I continued walking through the woods I was thinking about what Bob had said to me about distance “You can walk about five miles in eight hours through the woods”. I knew I had to keep moving if I was going to make it to the center of the forest by noon.

I had been walking for about two and half hours, I was getting closer! Just one more hour and I should be there! So far I had been lucky, no problems as of yet. The wind had picked up, and the trees were swaying back and forth making a beautiful whispering noise. It’s amazing to experience how nice it is out here enjoying all the beautiful sounds of the birds, crickets, and all the creatures you can’t see.

I was getting a little tired, so I stopped to rest on a log for a minute I decided to have a snack and some water while going over my notes. I looked at my watch and it was time to move on. I came to a small creek and the water was running and making little ripples in the water. How pretty it was! It was far too wide to jump. I was thinking maybe I could find a log a little further down the creek. Maybe one would be lying across the water and I wouldn’t have to get my feet wet. About thirty yards down the creek I found one!
As I walked across the log, careful to keep my balance a big turtle jumped into the water making a loud splashing noise! I almost jumped out of my skin and slipped off the log, but I made it to the other side safe and sound. I patted myself on the back, for doing a good job making it across the creek on the log.

I looked at my watch and I was only about thirty minutes from the middle of the forest. I continued walking. The brush was getting thicker and I started moving through some heavy brush which forced me to go out of my way. Suddenly, I saw a large cone shaped object directly in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks not moving a muscle. It was a hornets’ nest! I was scared, knowing what I had to do; I moved slowly back trying desperately not to disturb them. I got lucky. I started thinking about how badly it would have been if I had disturbed them and gotten stung by the hornets.

As I stepped into the middle of the forest it was so bright! There was a small clearing of about ten square feet. I sat down on the ground to enjoy the scenery around me. Proud of the fact that all alone I had accomplished to make it here.

One can’t ever experience what I saw unless they go there themselves. It was so beautiful!
Until next time, try to imagine the upcoming story of what I found!!!

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I’m Nuts!

I know from experience that no one now ever gathers peanuts like we used to do it in the good ole days. Ha, ha. I was told one day by a farmer that I could make three dollars a day helping to gather peanuts. I was so excited to go out on a Saturday to make some money. I was up early that morning and ready to go! You know the old saying “The early bird gets the worm!”.

Arriving at the farmer’s house they had everything ready to go. We jumped up on the wagon and headed for the field of peanuts! The farmer handed me a pitch fork and I asked “what am I going to use this for?” and he laughed. Well, to my surprise, I found out! There were six of us young men raring and ready to go!

The tractor had turned the peanuts up on top of the ground with a turning plow. Then using a hay rake pulled by the tractor, it had raked them into piles about thirty feet apart. The farmer then should us how to take our pitch forks and scoop up a load of peanuts and vines, then shake the dirt out of them. Then we would make a new pile within throwing distance.

The wind started blowing! The tractors were running up and down the field stirring up dust. We were now in a thick dust storm! We were hot and sweating, the dust was sticking to our faces. After eight hours of working in the field our clothes were dusty and our faces and hair were covered in dirt. Our work was over and it was time to go home. On the way home I couldn’t remember who was complaining the most about the last eight hours me or my cousin Billy! But I can tell you this much… THAT WAS THE LAST THREE DOLLARS I WILL EVER MAKE IN A PEANUT FIELD!!!

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