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About six years ago my wife and I went over to my Brothers house for dinner. That afternoon his son Shane and wife came over and we decided to watch a foot ball game. I decided to make a bet with him about who was going to win. I don’t remember his team, but mine was the foot ball team in TN. I bet him ten dollars that TN. would win. He told me he did not have any money to bet, so I told him if he lost he had to wash my car and he accepted the bet.

After all the hooting and hollering during the game, I won the bet. My Wife and I traveled often from TN. to FL. The bad thing about it was that we could never get the timing right for Shane to wash our car. He always had an excuse to get himself out of it.

After about a year and a half we went over to my Brothers house. His son and wife showed up while we   were all sitting around. We were talking about my wife and I doing some traveling out west.  I told Shane we had bought a new motor home. Shane looked up at me and said “o’ Yeah?”. I told him we were going to come back to Orlando before we went out west so that everyone could see it. He looked over at Lois and said “that would be great aunt Lois!”. And then with a smile she laughed and said “Shane, you can wash it!” He hung his head low, slouched down in the chair and said “Aunt Lois, I should have washed the car before now”.

We all had a good laugh and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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My Loving Wife and Companion, Lois

She was my Lady of the night

She always told me I was bright

And loved me all throughout the night


Her love songs were so soft and bright

I know she always loved the night

When the moon was shining like glowing light

My wife was bright like a full moons rays in the middle of the night


My Wife’s smile was always bright

During the light of day through the moon lit night

Her kiss was soft like sunshine in the early morning light


I will think of her every day as long as I live because I loved her with all my heart and soul.

Wendell & Lois Glisson Forever.

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