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Orange Blossom Special

I love the song Orange Blossom Special. When I was a young boy listing to the radio at home and the song Orange Blossom Special came on the air you could always hear my Mom singing in the background. Hearing the song so many times, it stayed planted in the mind.  So the story goes like this.

When riding my bike and a train would come by I would look at the train hoping to see the sign on the side of it. But it would always be just another old locomotive riding the tracks. As the train roared by I would be singing some of the lyrics of the song and whistling the tune.  Look a Yonder coming, coming down that railroad track…. It’s the Orange Blossom Special bringing my baby back!

Living in Orlando FL., I was sure I would get to see it someday so I kept on looking. When I was in down town Orlando on Church Street going to the Rialto Theater to see a movie I would sometimes hear the whistle of a train blowing and that would get me excited. The tracks were only a half block away I would hurry over to the tracks so I could get a closer look, always hoping this was it. You could hear the rumbling of the train getting closer and closer, I was getting so excited! But when the train stopped at the train station, I looked hard for a sign saying the Orange Blossom Special but I did not see one.  I would always be so disappointed! During those many years I lived in Orlando FL.,  some of the areas I would look for the Orange Blossom Special were: Kaley Ave, Holden Ave, Gore Street, Church Street, Colonial Drive, Princeton St. and lots of others.

Living in, Orlando FL. From Nineteen Forty to Nineteen Ninety Seven, I never got to see the train they called the Orange Blossom Special.

Maybe if I called the “Ghost Riders of the Sky” on the phone they could find it for me!

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